Top 10 Rust-Based CLI Programs You Should Know About

As command line interfaces become more popular and more powerful, it's essential to know the best CLI programs out there that can simplify your workflow and increase your productivity. And when it comes to CLI tools, Rust-based programs have increasingly become the go-to choice for many developers due to their proven benefits.

Rust is a fast and safe programming language created with the aim of making it easier to build robust and reliable software. With its high-level abstractions, Rust enables developers to write efficient code that can be easily understood and maintained, without sacrificing performance.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 Rust-based CLI programs you should know about. These programs each offer unique features that can make the command line experience more efficient and enjoyable. So, let's get started!

1. Alacritty

Alacritty is a blazing-fast terminal emulator written in Rust that offers advanced features such as GPU acceleration, support for multiple platforms, and an extensive configuration system. With Alacritty, you can have a high-performance terminal that's lightweight and easy to use. If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional terminals, then Alacritty might be just what you need.


2. Bat

Bat is a cat clone that's designed to offer additional features and better formatting for source code files. With Bat, you can preview files directly on the command line, syntax highlight them, and even display line numbers. This makes it incredibly easy to read and review source code files, especially when you're working on a large project.


3. Bandwhich

Bandwhich is a CLI program that shows you what's consuming your network bandwidth in real-time. With Bandwhich, you can easily monitor your network traffic, identify which programs or processes are using it, and optimize your network performance. This is especially useful for network administrators who need to keep an eye on their network usage.


4. Delta

Delta is a syntax-highlighting diff viewer that is designed to improve the way you interact with Git. With Delta, you can compare changes between two Git commits and visualize them in a more readable and attractive way. It's a perfect replacement for the traditional Git diff tool, and it can significantly improve your Git workflow.


5. Dust

Dust is a CLI program that allows you to visualize the disk usage of your files and directories. With Dust, you can quickly identify which files are taking up the most space and remove them to free up disk space. This is especially useful for those who work with large files or need to manage disk usage on their systems.


6. Exa

Exa is a modern alternative to the traditional ls command that is faster and more feature-rich. With Exa, you can customize the way your directories and files are displayed, and even sort them by different attributes. If you're a fan of the ls command, then you will love Exa.


7. fd

Fd is a simple and fast alternative to the traditional find command that's designed to be more user-friendly. With fd, you can quickly locate files and directories on your system without having to remember complex commands or options. It also supports regex-based searches, making it even more powerful.


8. Ripgrep

Ripgrep is a powerful search tool that's designed to be faster and more versatile than the traditional grep command. With Ripgrep, you can search for strings in files, directories, and even across multiple files. It also supports regex-based searches and integrates with many popular editors and IDEs.


9. Skim

Skim is a flexible and intuitive tool for interactive filtering of text on the command line. With Skim, you can quickly search through files, buffers, and command history to find the information you need. You can use Skim to preview, select, and parse items interactively, making it a perfect tool for those who need to work with large amounts of data.


10. Starship

Starship is a customizable shell prompt that's designed to be fast and easy to use. With Starship, you can display information about your shell, your Git repository, your environment variables, and much more. It's highly customizable, and you can configure it to match your workflow and preferences.



Rust-based CLI programs offer many features and benefits that can increase your productivity, improve your workflow, and simplify your command line experience. Whether you're a developer, a system administrator, or a power user, there is sure to be something on this list that will help you get more out of your command line tools.

So, go ahead and give these programs a try, and let us know which ones you found the most useful. And, be sure to keep an eye out for more exciting CLI programs that we'll be featuring on!

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