Must-Have Command Line Programs for Linux Users

Are you a Linux user looking to take your command line game to the next level? Look no further! In this article, we'll be discussing some of the must-have command line programs for Linux users. These programs will help you streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and make your life easier.

1. tmux

First on our list is tmux. Tmux is a terminal multiplexer that allows you to split your terminal into multiple panes, each with its own session. This means you can have multiple terminals open in one window, making it easier to switch between them and keep track of what you're doing.

But that's not all! Tmux also allows you to detach and reattach sessions, which means you can start a long-running process in one session, detach it, and then reattach it later from another terminal. This is incredibly useful if you need to switch between computers or if you need to log out of your current session but want to keep your processes running.

2. fzf

Next up is fzf. Fzf is a command-line fuzzy finder that allows you to quickly search for files, directories, and even command history. With fzf, you can type a few characters of a file name or directory path and it will show you a list of matching results.

But that's not all! Fzf also integrates with other command-line programs, such as git and ag, allowing you to quickly search through your codebase or git repository.

3. ripgrep

Speaking of searching through your codebase, ripgrep is another must-have command line program for Linux users. Ripgrep is a fast, recursive search tool that allows you to search through your files and directories for specific patterns.

But that's not all! Ripgrep also supports searching through compressed files, ignoring files and directories, and highlighting search results.

4. tldr

Tldr is a command-line tool that provides simplified, community-driven man pages. Instead of sifting through long and complex man pages, tldr provides concise and easy-to-understand examples of how to use a command.

But that's not all! Tldr also supports multiple languages and can be easily installed on Linux using package managers such as apt or pacman.

5. htop

Htop is a process monitoring tool that allows you to view and manage your system processes in real-time. With htop, you can see which processes are using the most resources, such as CPU and memory, and even kill processes if necessary.

But that's not all! Htop also supports customizing the display, sorting processes by various criteria, and even displaying process trees.

6. fd

Fd is a simple and fast alternative to the find command. With fd, you can quickly search for files and directories using a simple syntax.

But that's not all! Fd also supports ignoring files and directories, searching through hidden files, and even searching for files by their content.

7. bat

Bat is a cat clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration. With bat, you can view the contents of a file with syntax highlighting, making it easier to read and understand code.

But that's not all! Bat also supports paging through long files, displaying line numbers, and even displaying the Git diff of a file.

8. exa

Exa is a modern replacement for the ls command. With exa, you can view your files and directories in a more user-friendly and informative way.

But that's not all! Exa also supports displaying file permissions, file sizes, and even Git status.

9. ncdu

Ncdu is a disk usage analyzer that allows you to view and manage your disk usage in a terminal-based interface. With ncdu, you can quickly see which directories and files are taking up the most space and even delete them if necessary.

But that's not all! Ncdu also supports sorting by various criteria, such as size or date, and even supports exporting the results to a file.

10. youtube-dl

Last but not least is youtube-dl. Youtube-dl is a command-line program that allows you to download videos from YouTube and other video-sharing websites. With youtube-dl, you can download videos in various formats and resolutions, making it easier to watch them offline or on other devices.

But that's not all! Youtube-dl also supports downloading entire playlists, downloading only audio, and even downloading subtitles.


In conclusion, these are just some of the must-have command line programs for Linux users. With these programs, you can streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and make your life easier. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring these programs and take your command line game to the next level!

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